Juke Box E1 – Plug-and-play never looked so good

The Juke Box E1 is a vinyl record player with integrated phono stage, a Bluetooth receiver, a preamplifier, and a power amplifier all in one stylish, compact chassis. Requiring only a set of speakers to make a complete hi-fi system, the performance and level of convenience on offer is unprecedented for the price. RRP: £599.00

The Juke Box E1 is even more appealing when you consider the value and convenience on offer with the Juke Box E1 set. When supplied as a set, the user gets a pair of Speaker Box 5 bookshelf speakers in a matching finish to the turntable, a set of isolation feet for the speakers and a pair of speaker cables. RRP: £799.00

The Juke Box E1 replaces the outgoing Juke Box E, which has been discontinued.