Panasonic MZ1500 review: pitch perfect picture quality

The Panasonic MZ1500 is the company’s one-from-top 2023 OLED TV – and its pictures are stunning.

Panasonic has always positioned itself as the grown-up option and the choice of professionals when it comes to televisions – and given the company’s ubiquity in pre- and post-production facilities in Hollywood and beyond, that seems fair enough. This rather high-minded attitude has sometimes made its best TVs seem less than compelling to consumers, though.

With the MZ1500 on review here, Panasonic isn’t soft-pedalling its pro credentials in the slightest – but it wants to entice gamers, as well as viewers, with the thoroughness of its specification. This kind of across-the-board appeal doesn’t come cheap, mind you. So does this new Panasonic make a case for itself away from Tinseltown as one of the best OLED TVs your hard-earned money can buy?


  • Poised, utterly convincing picture quality
  • An extensive specification
  • Improved gaming features…

  • …but only two HDMI 2.1 sockets
  • Not without competition
  • Can sound stressed

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