Panasonic DMP-BDT180EB 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Player


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Equipped with Smart Network features and 4K upscaling, the DMP-BDT180EB Blu-ray player brings a whole new world of visual entertainment into your home

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With 4K upscaling that delivers stunning resolution, 4K Jpeg Playback that allows you to view your images in finer detail, and Internet Apps that provide access to your online entertainment via Ethernet, you’ll find a system that takes your visual experience to the next level.

4K Upscaling
Producing visuals that bring you closer to the action on the screen, 4K upscaling adds an extra dimension to your Blu-ray movies. Millions of extra pixels are added to the original Full HD picture and deliver images that are rich in texture, detail and sharpness, so much so that you will feel as if you are a part of the action on your screen. To enjoy 4K upscaling, you will also need a 4K/UHD TV.

4K Jpeg Playback
Transfer your wedding or travelling pictures to the big screen and enjoy them in 4K definition. 4K Jpeg Playback brings your favourite memories to life, adding further colour, depth and detail.

Super Multi-format Playback
Play a wide range of multimedia from numerous sources with Super Multi-format Playback. Supporting multiple formats, the Panasonic Blu-ray player can play back videos, pictures and even audio files to high-resolution. Audio files are reproduced to studio master quality and are delivered with dynamic range. Freeview Play is plugged into the player, therefore you can watch all of your favourite terrestrial shows in high resolution too.

Internet Apps
Access numerous multimedia online with the Panasonic Blu-ray Player. Watch your favourite TV shows or movies in stunning high resolution, stream your favourite tracks in studio quality or access your apps and play games.

Use your smartphone or tablet to watch saved videos or view images from your PC or recorder, bringing them to life on a bigger screen.

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