Polk MagniFi Max Soundbar w/ wireless subwoofer EX-DISPLAY


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The Polk MagniFi MAX maximum-performance home theater sound bar and wireless subwoofer system provides bigger, more dynamic sound than traditional sound bars and is optimized to make movies, TV, sports and music come alive.

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The Polk MagniFi MAX Sound Bar is a maximum performance home theatre sound bar with wireless subwoofer. This system provides bigger, more dynamic sound than traditional sound bars and has been optimised in order to make movies, TV and sport more exhilarating. Featuring Polk’s patented SDA surround technology, a wider and more immersive listening experience can be achieved. Voice Adjust technology will deliver crystal clear dialogue. The Polk Smart Remote app will provide control over the system from the palm of your hand.

The system comes with an HDMI and Optical cable included and setup is made as quick and simple as possible, and the inclusion of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ChromeCast will allow you to easily stream your favourite music directly from your connected devices.

The Polk MagniFi MAX Sound Bar’s exclusive full complement deep bass technology will provide a massive boost in core-pounding deep bass impact, taking your home cinema experience to a whole new level. Polk’s patented Stereo Dimensional Array technology will create an expansive soundstage and detailed stereo image, all whilst delivering a natural and multi-dimensional sound experience.

Easy setup is achieved via the included HDMI and Optical cables, allowing you to plug directly into the sound bar from the TV. Simply power up and you’ll be ready to start listening. With one button preset EQ settings for movies, music and sports, the MagniFi MAX will open up optimisation options for the sound bar and subwoofer, delivering the clearest dialogue, big surround-sound and deep bass for the best audio and home cinema experience. And with night effect, the MagniFi MAX will lower the bass and increase the Voice Adjust, providing clear dialogue without having to raise the master volume, and allowing you to enjoy your home cinema experience without disturbing the neighbours. The MagniFi MAX will work with any TV cable box or satellite IR remote control, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.

  • Night Mode allow you to listen without disturbing the family or neighbours
  • Universal compatibility eliminates the need for multiple controls
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Google Cast connectivity
  • Elevated Surround Sound technology
  • HDMI and Optical cables included
  • Voice Adjust technology
  • Easy setup

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