Rotel CD11 Tribute CD Player


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Rotel’s CD11, a high-quality yet affordable CD player.

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Rotel’s CD11 Tribute CD player was engineered with hands-on support from audio legend Ken Ishiwata utilizing a custom selection of acoustically tuned components delivering an even higher level of performance and acoustic clarity standing ready to playback the 200+ million CD’s that been sold over the past 30 years.

The CD11 Tribute includes critical changes to the power supply, DAC circuits and precise selection of components in the audio signal path delivering an increased sense of space, improved accuracy, detail, and genuineness of the audio.

Supporting RCA analog and coaxial digital outputs, front panel display and a remote control, the CD11 Tribute continues the proud tradition of Rotel and is reflective of the legacy of Ken and his tireless efforts delivering audio products preforming well beyond their price point.

Repeat function? Yes
Random Play? Yes
Programmable track order? Yes
Will it play MP3 files? Yes
Will it play recorded CDs? Yes
Will it play SA-CDs? No
Does it support CD text? Yes
Analogue RCA Output Yes
Optical digital output No
Coaxial digital output Yes
Headphone output? No
XLR outputs? No
Remote control? Yes
Finish Black, Silver
Auto Power Off? No
Power consumption (W) 15W
Standby Consumption (W) 0.5W

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Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 9.8 cm


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